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Free Perl Message Boards (Forums, Bulletin Boards, Discussion Boards) CGI Scripts

Discussion boards, aka forums or BBS or Bulletin Boards or Message Boards or Community Forums (etc), have always been popular. They are also a good way of getting return visitors to your site, since people tend to return to check for responses to their messages.

The BBSes listed on this page are the Perl CGI versions. If you want PHP versions, please see the Free PHP Message Boards (Forums, BBS, Bulletin Boards, Discussion Boards) Scripts page instead. Some of the forums require your host to have SQL support (most often MySQL), while others can work without such database support.

You should also be aware that installing a Bulletin Board is not quite the same as installing a feedback form or a counter script. Forums / BBSes tend to take more work to set up correctly. Moreover, active discussion forums consume large amounts of resources, both in terms of processor time as well as disk space. You should also remember to back up your message base daily (if not more often) in order to minimize your losses should the server's hard disk crash or the like.

If you do not have the resources to spare, an alternative is to use one of the free CGI hosting services for forums such as those listed on the Free Message Boards (Forums / BBS) Hosting page.

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Free Perl Forum / BBS / Message Board CGI Scripts

CuteCast Discussion Forum

CuteCast is a Perl message board script. It can run on both Windows and Unix systems. You may use it free of charge, provided you do not remove the "powered" and copyright notices statements generated by the script.

YaBB Yet Another Bulletin Board

YaBB is a free open source Perl forum software that provides administration and moderation options, private forums, graphical alerts for new posts/topics, statistics, emoticons (smileys), notification of replies, customization of layouts through templates, etc.

BBmatic BBS

You can run multiple threaded forums with this software, and it is able to take advantage of browsers that use frames if available. Limits may be set for individual posts if you wish, and users of the forum can elect to be informed by email when a follow-up message is posted. Other facilities available include the ability to delete posts manually or automatically by age or number, as well as archiving previous posts.

WWWBoard Threaded Bulletin Board

This is Matt Wright's threaded bulletin board script that is often pre-installed in many commercial web hosting packages. It allows you to enforce a maximum size per message, decide if you want to let your visitors put HTML code in the body of the messages, etc.

Anyboard Message Board

The free version of this board gives you threading, IP/domain/alias blocking, automatic ban, rating, integrated surveys, file-upload by administrator, and up to 5 message boards. You must also show their logo linked to their site.

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