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The services listed on this page allow you to add a search facility to your website without the need to install any PHP or Perl CGI scripts. The free services that provide you the search engines here host the necessary search engine scripts on their web server - all you have to do is to plug some cut-and-paste HTML code into your web page. No messy installation of CGI scripts and the like.

If you are new to putting a search facility on your website, you may want to read the tutorial and overview in 3 Ways to Put a Search Engine on Your Website. That article compares the pros and cons of using different types of site search engines for your site.

If you prefer to install your own search engine script on your own website, you can find some free Perl scripts on the Free Perl Search Engine CGI Scripts page and free PHP scripts on the Free Site Search Engine PHP Scripts page.

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Freefind Remotely Hosted Search Engine

This free search engine, FreeFind, is highly configurable and actually does an index of all the pages on your site. You can request it to reindex your site anytime you update it, or you can schedule it to automatically update its index periodically. There is no limit to the number of pages you can index. Other features include the ability to search for phrases, use boolean operators in the search query, index PDF files, Word documents, OpenOffice and OpenDocument documents, generate a site map, automatic what's new page generation, templating of your search results page, statistics on your visitors search queries, etc. Accounts are limited to 64MB (which I assume it means that the combined total data size indexed on your site is limited to 64MB), although the site says that you can request for a free increase at any time.

SiteLevel Basic

SiteLevel provides an ad-supported customisable ("customizable" in US English) search engine that allows your visitors to search your site for the documents they want to read. You can index up to 1,000 pages. Features include the ability to customise the search results and search box, indexing of HTML, PDF, RTF and DOC files, scheduled re-indexing, control over which pages to spider, reporting facilities that give you information on keyword frequency, queries with no results, visitor statistics, etc.

JRank Site Search Engine

This free site search engine allows you to add a site search engine to your website by simply pasting the supplied HTML code. You need to link back to them in your main page. You are allowed to manually invoke the spider and control the search engine spider's crawling schedule. If the search term cannot be found JRank will offer your visitors a google search box.

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