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Bulk Renaming of Multiple Files

Free File Renaming Utilities for Batch Renaming

File renaming utilties allow you to rename multiple files in one go. They are primarily intended for bulk renaming, such as when you have a number of files and you want to add a certain prefix or suffix to the file name. One common use for such tools is if you have a digital camera that creates files with names like "img12345.jpg", "img12346.jpg" and so on. With the tools on this page, it's a simple matter to rename these files with a prefix, change the case, replace certain parts of the filename with other characters, and so on. While it's certainly possible to just rename the files individually using your usual method, the software here make your renaming tasks a breeze.

Note that some, if not all, of the software listed on the Free File Managers page may also have support for batch renaming built-in. If you are not satisfied with the facilities in the default file manager provided by your operating system (such as Explorer for Windows), you may want to take a look at that page as well. In addition, if you have a tendency to transfer multiple copies of the same pictures from your camera, for example, because you forgot that you've already transferred them before, you may also be interested in the Free Find / Delete Duplicate Files Utilities.

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Free Tools for Mass Renaming of Files and Folders

Metamorphose: A File -n- Folder Renamer (Windows, Linux)

Metamorphose (actually, Métamorphose) lets you mass rename folders and files and is thus useful for those who have to rename a lot of files (such as photo or music collection) from time to time. You can preview the name change before committing it, do a recursive renaming (that is, rename not only the files matching the criteria in the current folder but also in the subfolders), use regular expressions to describe the types of name changes you want, automatically rename MP3 files according to their ID3 tags, rename image files according to their EXIF data, etc. The program fully supports Unicode. The program is open source and works on Windows and Linux.

Pfrank File Renamer (Windows)

This free bulk file and folder renaming program for Windows allow you to use regular expressions (regex) to search for a particular pattern in a filename and replace it with another, change the case of letters in the file name, insert counters (adding digits that increment with each filename), eliminate whitespace characters, insert parent folder names, file properties, tags for music files like MP3 (etc), EXIF data and meta data for image files (eg, JPG, TIFF, GIF, etc), tags for markup languages like HTML and SGML, meta data for Office documents and email files, and so on. You can also create a folder path from the filename, for example, from a file named "20080105abc.gif", it can create a folder hierarchy "2008\01\05\abc.gif". The program is able to automatically resolve duplicate names. There is also a preview facility where you can preview the new names before the program actually applies the changes. This is a very feature rich program

Siren: Freeware File Renaming Program (Windows)

This Windows file renaming tool allows you to mass change filenames using a set of regular expressions to substitute, add or delete characters, change the case, etc. It also has undo and redo facilities.

Advanced Renamer: Free and Fast Batch Rename Utility (Windows)

This bulk renaming tool features a real time preview of the file renaming operation, an undo facility, MP3 with ID3 tag renaming, image renaming with EXIF support, thumbnail view, renaming of folders, changing of case, adding tags to new names, changing of file attributes and timestamps, etc. This is a Windows program. It is free only for personal use.

VisualRinominaFile (Windows)

This freeware utility allows you to apply a series of filters to filenames in a particular folder in order to rename them. You can add, remove or replace existing characters in a filename, change the case and so on. You need to have Java installed on your system. It has been tested with Windows, although it may also work with other systems that have Java as well.

Lupas Rename (Windows)

This freeware file renaming tool is able to rename both files and directories, recurse through subdirectories to rename files, create a batch file to rename from a DOS console, create a batch file to undo the rename operation, replace the name or part of the name with a text, change case, remove accent symbols, automatically renumber, add tags from the date, time, MP3 ID3 tags, and so on.

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