Free Graphical Ping Utilities to Check Network Connections

Visual Ping Tools to Test if a Host is Reachable

Free Graphical Ping Utilities to Check Network Connections

These freeware and/or open source "ping" software let you check if a particular host or server is reachable or alive. They send an ICMP echo request packet to the server and wait for a response from the server. (If that reminds you vaguely of a submarine's "ping", the association is probably intended.) While most modern operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, etc, probably already have command line versions of ping available out-of-the-box, the free visual ping tools here distinguish themselves by being graphical programs that let you ping a server without having to open a command prompt. Some of them also have additional features.

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Free Graphical Ping Utilities to Check Network Connections

vmPing (Windows) New

This is an open source ping utility with a graphical user interface. It allows you to monitor multiple hosts simultaneously, monitor TCP ports, configure the ping intervals, change how long before the ping is considered timed out, log results, email reports, etc. It can also do a trace route. This is a Windows program that requires .NET to be installed.

YasPing (Windows)

YasPing lets you ping a host via a graphical user interface, setting various parameters like how long before it times out, time to live (TTL), the packet size and the number of pings. The usual statistics for the ping is displayed by the program, such as the round trip time, number of lost packets, maximum, minimum and average round trip times, etc. This Windows program is free for non-commercial use only.

Ping-o-Meter (Windows)

Ping-o-meter presents its ping reports in the form of a graphical speedometer with its meter showing the average round trip time as well as the round trip time of the current ping. It is able to monitor up to 10 simulataneous hosts and is customizable: you can configure the size of the payload, the frequency of the pings, the gauge zones, etc.

Nirsoft PingInfoView (Windows)

Nirsoft PingInfoView lets you ping multiple hostnames and IP addresses (which you can specify singly or as an IP range), and view the result in the program's window in a sortable tabular format. It reports the number of successful and failed pings as well as the average ping times. The results can be saved into an ASCII text file, an HTML file, an XML file or simply copied into the clipboard. You can configure the frequency of the pings. Other useful features include the ability load IP addresses from a file or even just dragging a text file with your list of IP addresses to ping onto the application window.

Citricle Ping (Windows)

(Update: this program does not seem to be available any more.) This ping program sounds an alert when a ping request is successful or when it timed out. According to the website, the main purpose of the program is to alert the user when the internet connection to the host is started or stopped. The alert is configurable, in that you can set it to only alert you on success or on error. It can be minimized to the system tray, and also to log the pings into a text file.

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