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This page lists free DNS services that provide your site with nameservers. Some also provide name servers for sites that have a dynamic IP address, as opposed to a static (dedicated) IP address.

Note that if all the above paragraph confuses you, and all you want is to create a website, you should read How to Make / Create Your Own Website: The Beginner's A-Z Guide instead. You don't really need the things on this page for a normal website. This page is meant for advanced users with specialized requirements.

What are Static/Dynamic DNS and Why Do I Want Them?

When you host your website on a commercial or free web host, you usually get a static IP address for your website — that is, an IP address that doesn't change. (IP addresses are the like street addresses on the Internet.) Although web hosts typically provide the name servers for your domain name hosted on their servers, you may sometimes want to outsource your DNS so that you can freely manage your own domain names (such as when you want the freedom to create new subdomain names that reside on different web hosts). Some people outsource their DNS because they have numerous servers in diverse locations answering to the same domain name (for load balancing) — they have more sophisticated DNS needs than the typical site (in this case, they may want something known as round robin DNS). Still others simply don't want to put all their eggs in one basket.

Dynamic IP addresses usually occur when a website is hosted on someone's personal computer, and that computer is only connected to the Internet when the owner connects to his/her ISP. The ISP gives that computer an IP address that is different everytime it connects. If this is your situation, you will need a dynamic DNS service that will update their nameservers with your new IP address each time you log on.

Another use for free DNS services like those listed below is when you have registered your own domain name in order to reserve it for future use, but don't have a website to point it to (yet). Some of the free DNS services allow you to park your domain at any of your existing websites.

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Free DNS Services and DNS Servers for Static and Dynamic IP Addresses Free DNS hosting

This free DNS service allows you to set up an unlimited number of DNS records (A, MX, CNAME, TXT, NS, AAAA and SRV) for a maximum of 3 domains. They have DNS servers in both Europe and America, provide statistics on the number of DNS requests your domains has received, supports round robin DNS, dynamic DNS, wildcard domain DNS, 3 mail forwards, web redirection, etc. They also support dynamic DNS.

Hurricane Electric Free DNS service

This free DNS service features geographically diverse DNS servers, provides both queries via IPv4 and native IPv6, and allows you to manage the DNS for multiple domains. You can manage your domain's A, AAA, CNAME, MX, TXT, SRV and TXT records. They are also provide dynamic DNS for those who need it. (Note: the main page of the site mentions some sort of "Open Beta", so I'm not sure if this service is free because it's in beta testing, or free because it's intended to be a free service.)

FreeDNS - Free DNS, Dynamic DNS, Static DNS

FreeDNS provides free dynamic and static DNS. You can create DNS entries for an unlimited number of domains and up to 20 subdomains per account. Subdomain names from your domain, unfortunately, are also free for others to use for their websites. If you set your status to "Private", others will still be able to use subdomains from your domain name, but you'll be allowed to screen them. Note though, even before you accept or reject the application, that website will be "live" on the Internet. This service also provides web redirection, including URL cloaking.

No-IP Dynamic DNS, Static DNS for your Dynamic IP

No-IP offers you Dynamic DNS so that you can run up to 3 hostnames from your own computer. They provide you with a short hostnames (like that you can redirect to your existing website, ie, URL redirection. The free service is only for personal use.

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