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Free web hosts for your website. (List of latest additions)

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Looking for a free web host to place your website? Free web hosts are useful if you are creating a personal site, or want a web host to place an experimental site (such as one that you might want to create when learning how to design a web page). They may also be useful if you want to create a hobby site.

Due to the large number of free web hosts, I've separated the different hosts into different categories depending on the features they provide. This page merely lists the latest additions to our list, and is useful if you are a frequent visitor to these pages. You can check our complete list by visiting the pages listed below:

Note that free web hosts tend to come and go with alarming frequency. You may want to read my article on All Those Disappearing Free Web Hosts for more information about this as well as some tips on choosing a free web host that will last. If you're running a business, or are making money from your website, you should not use a free web host. Get a commercial host instead. You can find my personal favourites in my FAQ, Which Web Host Do You Recommend?

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Free Web Hosts

200MB Host

This web host has a free web hosting plan that provides you with 250 MB disk space, 5 GB data transfer, free domain hosting (or if you don't already own a domain, the ability to host up to 3 subdomains using their domain), PHP, Perl, FTP, a MySQL database, etc. At the time I checked them out, your files are apparently limited to 500 KB in size.


You get access to an online site builder that you can use to build, at maximum, a 5 page website, occupying at most 20 MB of space. There is little other information available.

Geocities Free Web Hosting (Closed)

Geocities Free is an ad-supported web host that gives your website 15 MB of web space, 3 GB of traffic with a limit of 4.2 MB of traffic per hour, a free web page builder and page wizard, and a URL like You have to upload your pages using their online file manager. You can also add things like a guestbook, counter, etc to your web page. The service is ad-supported. [Update (24 April 2009): It looks like It looks like Geocities is closing down on some unspecified date in 2009. They are no longer accepting new signups. If you are currently hosted on GeoCities, and need a guide to help you move to a new web host, see the tutorial How to Transfer / Move Your Website from GeoCities.] [Update (October 2009): Geocities has now closed.]

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