Free Geolocation Services

Free services to use for geotargeting your website

Free Geolocation Services

The free geolocation services listed here provide an interface (or "API" in technical lingo) which you can use to find out, for example, your visitor's country, time zone, region, etc. They are useful if you wish to provide different content for people from different countries, for example, some sites like to list their product prices in US dollars for people coming from the USA, in pounds for those from the UK, in Euro for those in the European Union, and so on.

Note that you should probably still provide a way for your visitors to manually change to a different region (or country), since the location provided by these services are not necessarily accurate. They are derived from the IP addresses of your visitors, and such addresses change hands from time to time. Although the databases used by these free services are probably updated periodically, there is always a window of time in which some locations are no longer correct.

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Free Geolocation Services


This free geolocation service returns information about the IP address that you furnish it in (at your option) either the JSON, JSONP or plain text format. Specifically, it can return the two letter country code, three letter country code, country name, three letter continent code, city, region, latitude, longitude, timezone, organization the IP is registered to, etc. You do not need to register for an account, nor are there any rate limits.


This service provides a free, public IP location API from which you can look up the country code, country name, region code, region name, city, zip code, time zone, latitude, longitude, and metro code. You do not need an account, and there are no rate limits. Information is returned in the JSON format.

IP Geolocation API

This free service provides an IP to Geolocation JSON API. It returns information about the IP's country, continent, language spoken, latitude and longitude, currency, etc. No API key is needed (that is, you don't need to register for an account), and there are no rate limits.


This service is free only for non-commercial use. It can respond with either the JSON, XML, CSV, or plain text (newline delimited) format. Information provided include continent name and code, country name and code, region name and code, city, district, zip code, latitude and longitude, time zone, currency, IPS, etc. No registration is needed. You are limited to 45 requests per minute from an IP address.

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