Free Web Hosts with PHP Support or Access

Free web hosting providers that allow you to install PHP scripts

Free Web Hosts with PHP Access / Support

Included on this page are the free web hosting providers (FWP) that provide you with the facility to install your own PHP scripts. For the uninitiated, PHP is a scripting (programming) language that you can use to write programs that execute on the web server. You can use it for many things, including, for example, handle forms that a visitor submits from your site, manage a message board or forum, etc. (You can find a PHP tutorial at

Note that most free web hosts with PHP support do not allow you to use certain PHP functions. For example, the mail() function in PHP is often disabled, meaning that your PHP scripts will not be able to send mail. If you need full PHP services, you will probably need to get a commercial (paid) web host.

Unless otherwise stated, you should also assume that all the hosts listed put advertisements on your site (whether it is a banner or pop-up window or whatever), and also that free web hosts often disappear overnight.

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Free Web Hosts with PHP Free Hosting Account

This free web host gives you 50 MB of disk space, 500 MB of data transfer, allows you to host your own domain name, provides POP3 email access, PHP 5, MySQL databases, etc. If you do not want to register your own domain name, they can also provide you a subdomain name of the form

Coolfreepages Free Web Host

This free web host provides you with 50 MB of disk space, FTP access, PHP4 (but without functions like mail(), phpinfo(), and the sockets functions), MySQL, .htaccess access, and free domain hosting. If you're not buying a domain name from them and want free domain name hosting you must upload your website onto their servers (for them to check) before they'll set up your domain on their name servers.

T35 Free Web Host

T35 gives your site unlimited space, FTP access, unlimited bandwidth, PHP (but with the mail() function disabled), Server Side Includes (SSI), and free domain name hosting or a subdomain name like (if you don't have your own domain). The largest file that you can upload to your account is 500 KB (ie, there is a file size limit). The host places pop-up ads on your website.


Depending on the free plan you choose, this free web host provides you with 250 MB of web space, 6 GB of traffic, 3 MySQL databases, PHP, FTP, subdomains, Cpanel control panel, etc.

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