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The free file sharing services listed on this page provide you with free file storage or hosting. They are a convenient way for you to store your photos or even to share files with your friends or colleagues, especially if your files are too big to send as an attachment by email. (The usual problem is that even if the email provider gives you enough space, you don't know if your friend/colleague has enough space left in his/her account to receive your attachment.)

Free file storage hosts often impose limits. For example, some sites have a limit on the individual file sizes, others on the number of times they can be downloaded, etc. In addition, it's best not to place files with confidential data on such file storage hosts, for obvious reasons. Remember to read the terms and conditions of each host before signing up. Even when I list the features, restrictions or limitations of the host on this page, you should always read the file storage host's own documentation since I don't list everything and my list may be outdated by the time you visit this page.

For those who want to store or share photos, you can also try the Free Photo-Sharing Hosts page.

Alternatively, if you need to put a lot of files online, you can also get your own web hosting account. That will give you the space you need without the restrictions of file size, number of downloads, etc, usually imposed by the free file sharing hosts.

Update: Nearly all the hosts previously listed here appear to have disappeared, in keeping with the trend of free web hosts closing. And free file hosts really seem to disappear at an even more rapid pace than the normal free web host. Sorry. I can only list hosts that I know of.

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Free File Sharing and Storage Hosts New

This service,, lets you upload up to 2 GB without having to create an account. Your files can be downloaded at most once. You will get a URL that you can pass to the person you are transferring the file(s) to. You can also set an expiration date on the file.


WeTransfer is a file sharing service that lets you upload to 2 GB that can be downloaded by an unlimited number of people for 7 days. The file is deleted after 7 days. At the time this was written, you do not need to sign up for an account to share files.


If you sign up, you get 10 GB of space, with a maximum size of 4 GB for each file. Downloads are ad-supported. It appears to be possible to share files even without signing up, although you are then limited to 1 GB of space, and are subject to deactivation if your account is deemed inactive. (I am not sure if the inactive account check also applies if you sign up.)

Google Drive

Google Drive allows you to store up to 15 GB of storage, although this is shared between your Gmail and Google Photos account.

Firefox Send

[Update (September 2020): this service is no longer available.] Firefox Send allows you to upload files of up to 1 GB in size each to share online. The file can be downloaded only once, within 24 hours, after which the file will be deleted, so I guess it's useful only for transferring a large file to another person (and only one, at that). The file is stored encrypted on their server, and can only be decrypted using the link (URL) that the service generates, since it includes the encryption key. In spite of its name, the service can be used in any modern web browser. Note also that the website states that this is a "test pilot" and a "web experiment", so if you find that the service has been discontinued, just let me know and I will remove it from this page.


[Update: this file host seems to have disappeared.] FileServe can only be used to download files that you have uploaded yourself. That is, it is not so much a file-sharing host as it is a place you can temporarily store your files for your own use. You get 500 GB of storage for files that are individually no bigger than 1 GB in size. The files will be deleted 60 days after the last download, and you can only download 1 file at a time.


[Update: this file host appears to be gone.] You can send files of up to 1 GB to another person by uploading it to their server. The file can be of any type: documents, photos, audio files (such as MP3s), etc. An email message will be sent to the person you indicate with the URL of the file to be downloaded. The file will be deleted after 7 days of non-activity.


[Update: this file host appears to be gone.] This free file storage host is designed primarily for people who want to send large files to their friends via email. Instead of sending the file by attachment and clogging up their mail box, you can use this host's interface to upload your file and send a message to your friend with the link to the file. Based on information from other users, there is apparently a limit of 1 GB to the file size, and your files are deleted after 5 days or 20 downloads.

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