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Web Hosting providers with free site builders and web templates

Free Web Hosts with Site Builders or Web Templates

If you are new to creating your website, or if you just want to create a website and get online quickly, these web hosts provide you an easy way to build your website without having to learn HTML or download a web editor. Most of these sites allow you to create your website using their free online site builders or free web templates, and customize the appearance of your web site to your liking. Some of them even provide you with free offline site builders that you can use to create your website while not connected to the Internet. Best of all, the web hosting providers listed here give you these services free, along with your free web hosting account.

There are downsides to using a site builder, though. You can read more about this from the article Is It Better to Use an Online Site Builder or a Standalone Web Editor?

Note: unless I specify otherwise, all the hosts listed here can be assumed to place advertisements on your website. If you don't want others' ads on your site, you should look for a commercial web host instead.

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Free Web Hosts with Free Site Builders (Online or Offline) or Web Templates


This is actually a commercial web host that has a free web hosting plan. The free plan allows you the use of their custom site builder, which means that you can create a website using their online facilities (and without needing to use a web editor). It comes with 1 GB of web storage for your files, with a maximum file size of 15 MB per file. You can create up to 5 websites with this free plan. Your site will be given a subdomain name.

Google Sites

Google Sites allow you to create a simple site from a selection of themes and an online editor. Your site will be given an address like

Tripod Free Web Hosting

You are given 20 MB for your web pages, 1 GB of traffic, Frontpage extensions, FTP access, and CGI-BIN access. CGI scripts on Tripod execute under a rather restrictive environment though, and most free CGI scripts you find on the Internet that deal with email will not work there. You get some choices as to to the advertising that displays on your site. Your URL will be, and most sites should be able to use a subdomain of the form for their site (unless yourname clashes with one of their many reserved names). They also have an online site builder that allows you to design your website from your browser. Other tools provided include a blog tool (to create a blog) and a photo album (for displaying your pictures).

TopCities Free Web Pages

TopCities provides your site with 100 MB of space (not sure about the space, it seems to vary depending on which part of the site you read), 500 MB of bandwidth, PHP, 1 MySQL database, a web-based control panel, your own sub-domain, etc. You have to use one of their preinstalled content management software, blog, forum, photo gallery, etc, for your site. That is, you cannot use your own web editor to create your site and upload it (there is no FTP service anyway). The service is ad-supported.

Geocities Free Web Hosting (Closed)

Geocities Free is an ad-supported web host that gives your website 15 MB of web space, 3 GB of traffic with a limit of 4.2 MB of traffic per hour, a free web page builder and page wizard, and a URL like You have to upload your pages using their online file manager. You can also add things like a guestbook, counter, etc to your web page. The service is ad-supported. [Update (24 April 2009): It looks like It looks like Geocities is closing down on some unspecified date in 2009. They are no longer accepting new signups but are pointing people to their commercial arm, Yahoo! Web Hosting. If you are currently hosted on GeoCities, and need a guide to help you move to a new web host, see the tutorial How to Transfer / Move Your Website from GeoCities.] [Update (October 2009): Geocities has now closed.]

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