Free Banner Rotation JavaScripts

Use JavaScript to Rotate Your Advertisements, Photos and Banners

Free Banner Rotation JavaScripts: Rotate Your Ads, Images and Banners

The free scripts on this page, written in JavaScript, allow you to rotate images, Flash files and banners, each with a different target link, on your web page. One possible use for such a script is to show different ads on your web page for different people, or even for the same people who return to your web page. Most (if not all) the scripts can also change the banners without your visitor having to reload the page. Depending on the script, you may even be able to put multiple rotating banners on your web page, with the script making sure that the same banner is not displayed twice on the same page. Some of the scripts support random rotation of banners, while others allow you to assign specific banners for rotating.

Another use for the script is as a photo slideshow script, where the picture that appears on your page automatically changes after a set period of time without your visitor having to reload the page. If your purpose is this, make sure you get a script that automatically refreshes (changes) the picture after a set interval. Alternatively, check out the Free Image/Photo Slide Show JavaScript page which lists scripts specifically designed to display your photos as a slide show.

For those who are looking for advertisers for your site, please see the article How to Make Money From Your Website as well as the list of advertisers on the Affiliate Programs: Free Sponsors and Advertisers page.

If you don't have a website yet, I recommend that you start by reading How to Create / Start a Website: The Beginner's A-Z Guide, since it takes you step by step through the entire process of making your own site.

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Free Banner Rotation JavaScripts: Rotate Your Pictures, Advertisements and Banners


This script rotates whatever you want (banners, pictures, advertisements, etc) on your page. Note that it does not randomly display one banner per visitor. Rather, it actually goes through your list and displays all of them, one after another like a slide show, if your visitor remains at that page long enough. You can set the amount of time each banner is shown before going to the next one, as well the number of times the banners rotate. The banners (etc) are placed in a linked list on your web page itself, and are not visible initially, until the script displays them.

Magic Image Rotation

This script rotates your pictures, photos or other types of images along with their associated links (that is, each image can have different target links). The first image that is shown is random, and the subsequent images will be shown in sequence (as far as I can tell). The site's demo uses the script as a sort of photo slideshow.

ESPBanner Script

This banner rotation script will automatically switch the advertisements displayed on your site while your page is being displayed. It can handle Flash, images and other types of banners, and allows you to display two or more banners on the same page.

Free Banner Rotator with Caption

[Update: this script is no longer available.] This banner rotator will display your banners, which may be either images or Flash files, together with their captions.

Simple Banner Rotator

[Update: this script is no longer available.] This free JavaScript supports an unlimited number of banners, the ability to refresh (change) the ads every n milliseconds, where n is an interval you set, as well as the facility to specify a banner or set of banners for rotation at a particular location, or have them rotate randomly. You can set an expiry date for a banner as well, where a particular banner is removed from display after a certain date. Different sets of banners can also be assigned to different parts of your web page, and the script is able to avoid displaying the same banner in different spots on the same page. You can set the sizes of the banners (overriding the default size for the banner), cause the links for each banner to open either in the same window/tab or a new browser window/tab, etc. The script is released under the GNU General Public License, which means that it's open source.

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