Free Banner Rotation Perl CGI Scripts

Rotate banners & track impressions & click-thrus (click throughs)

Free Banner Rotation Perl Scripts

The Perl CGI scripts listed here allow you to rotate the banner advertisements you have on your site. Some will rotate the banners randomly, others will rotate in an order you can predetermine. Some of the scripts will also track the number of impressions each banner has had, as well as the click-thru (click-through) rate of the banners. The more sophisticated CGI banner rotation script may even allow you to expire banners automatically, either by the number of exposures the banner has had, or the date, or perhaps some other criteria. Such scripts are useful if you have sponsors for your site and want to rotate the banners you display for them. You might even want to allow your advertisers to check the banner statistics themselves.

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Free Banner Rotation Perl CGI Scripts


The WWWAdverts script randomly rotates your banners (be they advertisements or whatever) by use of either server side includes (SSI), PHP or Perl CGI. You can get statistics on the number of times each banner is displayed and clicked upon.

SFEBanner Perl/CGI Banner and Quote Rotator

The SFEBanner script can rotate banners, quotes, pictures on your site. Its user interface allows you to add and delete banners on your site. It does not keep statistics on how many times a banner is shown or clicked on.

Cosmic Banner Rotator

The Cosmic Banner Rotator script rotates banners and images of any size on your site. You can give weight to each banner so that you can decide which banners you prefer to have shown more often. You can also place text under your banners. The user interface is web-based. The site requires you to supply your email address before you can download. (You can always get a free throwaway email address for this purpose if you wish.)

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