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Free Perl hit counters, free visitor statistics tracking CGI Scripts

Free Hit Counters (Perl CGI Scripts)

This page lists free Perl CGI scripts that you can install on your website to display a visual count of visitors either using graphical images or text. All scripts here require you to have CGI-BIN access. If that is a problem, you can always try the Free Hit Counters (Remote Hosting) option, which will host the script for you, requiring you only to paste some HTML code into your web page.

Note: some webmasters consider hit counters to be something used only by amateurs. If you are running a business site or even a serious hobby site, you should probably consider either running your own log analyzers and generating your own web stats or using a remotely hosted web statistics service instead. In fact, if you are hosted on a commercial web host, such things are usually already provided by default.

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Free Perl Hit Counter CGI Scripts


HitMatic is a graphical counter (Perl script). It creates an X-Bitmap images for the counter which graphical browsers are supposed to be able to display (it displayed fine on mine).

L10 Hit Counter

Although L10 calls itself a hit counter, it does not actually display the number of visitors going to your site in either a graphical or text button. In fact it only displays a graphical button with L10's logo. It's value is in the fact that the counter tracks more than a count of visitors loading the page with the counter - it generates a Flash report (yes, Flash) that gives you information like you find typically in the more complete web statistics software, like number of unique hits, referrers, browsers used, etc. You are not allowed to remove their advertising material and links, and you must link back to their site with their logo.


This Perl CGI counter script requires server side includes (SSI) to be enabled. In return, it is able to generate a text-based counter and maintain logs on the web browsers used to access your page as well as the site the user accessed prior to your page (referring page).

Delorie Counter Script

This counter requires you to have access to a C compiler as well as Perl. There may be other requirements. It generates a graphical counter for your web page.

Matt Wright's Text Counter

This text counter can manage multiple pages, but it requires you to have Server Side Includes (SSI).

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