Free PHP Poll and Survey Scripts

PHP Scripts to conduct polls and surveys

Free PHP Polling, Online Survey and Ballot Box Scripts

The PHP scripts listed on this page allow you to conduct polls and take visitor surveys on your website. They typically collect the votes that your visitors make, store them in some sort of database, and display the results of the polls using some sort of chart, such as a bar chart, or the like. Some of the software allow you to administer the poll online, without having to mess around with text-based configuration files and the like.

If you prefer not to have to install your own script, you may want to check out the Free Online Polls/Surveys Script Hosting page instead.

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Free Polls and Voting Scripts (PHP Scripts)

Advanced Poll

Advanced Poll features multiple polls, templates, multi-language support, comments, random polls, logging of IP addresses, the use of cookies and IP addresses to attempt to prevent cheating, etc. It can use either a MySQL or PostgreSQL database.

PHP Poll Script

This poll script displays the results of the votes in a coloured ("colored" in US English) bar graph. It stores its data in a flat file. The licence does not allow you to remove the credit link at the bottom of each page generated by the script.

Easy Poll

Easy Poll is a free online PHP polling script that allows you to have an unlimited number of polls, although only one of them may be active at any given time. Your polls may have up to 5 answers. It provides a password-protected admin area from which you can edit, enable, disable and reset the poll. It uses a MySQL database to store your survey data.

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