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One way to build a community around your website is to include a message board (otherwise known as forums, web boards, discussion boards, BBS, bulletin boards, etc) on your site, where visitors can leave messages, read messages left by other visitors and interact with you and the other visitors. If you don't want to mess around with Perl CGI scripts or PHP scripts (or ASP or whatever), you can have a message board on your website simply by including a few lines of HTML on your website. The sites listed on this page will host the forum for you, and some allow a high degree of configurability, so that the forum has the facility and appearance that you want for your site. These remotely hosted message boards often impose some sort of advertising on your BBS, in exchange for hosting your forum.

For those who prefer to run their own bulletin board on their own website, check out the Free Message Boards, Forums, BBS, Bulletin Boards PHP Scripts page. If you prefer Perl BBS scripts, see the Free BBS, Message Boards, Forums Perl CGI Scripts page instead.

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Free Forum Hosting Services


HyperBoards is a free message board service with no advertisements, custom pages, templates, custom PM (private messages), friends list, integrated forum and member search, custom menus, skin editing, etc.


zIFBoards is an ad-supported forum host that provides limited customization of the board's features (you can change the colours and skin of your board). Free Remotely Hosted Message Boards

ProBoards gives your board its own subdomain name ( It is customizable, supports various administrative and moderation options (allow or disallow guest posts, create member groups, ban members via IP or email address, email registered users, create private boards, etc), provides notification of instant messages, statistics, etc.

Sudden Launch

[Update: this site seems to have closed.] Sudden Launch provides free message boards with a subdomain (eg,, unlimited boards, posts and threads, etc.

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