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Free Help Desk Software, Customer Service Management (CSM) and Support Ticket Applications (PHP Versions)

The free help desk software, sometimes known as Customer Service Management (CSM) applications, listed on this page let you implement a customer support ticket system that allows you to track customer requests, technical support, issues, bugs, task, and so on. For example, organizations may want such a system for their customer support or help desk so that multiple support personnel can assist a client over a particular issue. The issue (or whatever) is recorded in the system, allowing different people to follow-up on a request. Software developers typically also use such things for bug tracking (defect or issue tracking).

The software here are meant to be installed on a website, accessible over the Internet or your corporate intranet (internal network). Some (or maybe all) allow you to create (and follow up on) support tickets via a web interface or by email. Depending on the software, they may also have features like a reminder system, email notifications and some kind of reporting or statistics facility. The scripts are either free or (more often) open source programs, written in PHP, and usually require you to have a database server (usually MySQL) accessible from the site.

Incidentally, if you want to provide a "live" chat customer support facility, you may also be interested in the Free PHP Live Chat Scripts page.

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Free Help Desk Software, Customer Service Management (CSM) and Support Ticket Applications (PHP Versions)

Trellis Desk

This help desk software lets you create an unlimited number of departments (like "Sales", "Support", etc) insert canned replies, allows your users to assign priority levels ("Urgent", "High", etc), set permissions for what users and staff can access within the system, allow users to escalate a ticket or set the system to automatically escalate a ticket after a certain amount of time has elapsed, assign tickets to specific staff members, etc. Your users can either submit tickets via a web interface, or if you enable "email piping", they can also send support requests to an email address you designate. This program uses a MySQL database.

ruQueue: Rutgers University's Queue-based Problem Tracking System

This web-based software from Rutgers University lets you track requests made in a queue based system. When an issue is entered into the system, a ticket is placed in an appropriate queue, and the person responsible for that task is notified accordingly. That person can then act on the issue, inform the customer (or whatever) and close the ticket when it is completed. Features include notifications for staff and supervisors, a user/group system, canned reports, mail integration, search facilities, integration with your LDAP database and scheduling. It uses a MySQL database to store its data.


This issue tracking system features scheduling, email notifications, a reminder system, creation of projects for organizing your issues, a user system, integration with your Source Control Management (SCM) system, error logging, IRC notifications, etc. It uses a MySQL database for its data.

osTicket: Open Source Support Ticket System

This is an open source support ticket system that allows the entry and follow up of support requests using both email and a web-based form. The support requests and responses are organized and archived for easy retrieval and viewing. It stores its data in a MySQL database.

Helpdesk Issue Manager

[Update: this script is no longer available.] This "helpdesk" management system features tracking of issues submitted to it (with tags like time of request, person requesting it, summary, description, etc), summary statistics, different levels of access rights (where clients, etc, can only access the levels appropriate for them), full text searching, e-mail notifications, multiple functional domains (where you can use the same system for different parts of your organization with vastly different functions), ability to escalate issues (for example to different levels of support), etc.

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