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Free PHP Live Chat / ShoutBox Scripts

Live chat scripts allow you to implement a chatroom on your site, which can be used to build a community on your site. They can also be useful for you to provide "live" support if you are selling goods and services on your site. The PHP chat server scripts given here may or may not require you to have a MySQL database, so read the requirements first. Some of the scripts support the usual assortment of features used in such software, like smileys / smilies (emoticons), BB codes (bulletin board codes like "[url]", etc), word filters, nicknames, the ability to kick someone or ban someone from the chat room, flood control, etc.

Incidentally, be sure to check your web host's policies before installing a chat server or shoutbox on your site, since not all web hosts allow it.

Note: if you are looking at the chat scripts for the purpose of customer support, you may also be interested in the Free Help Desk Software, Customer Service Management (CSM) and Support Ticket Applications (PHP Versions) page as well.

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WaterCooler Chat New

WaterCooler Chat lets you embed a chat container into your website. The features multiple topic rooms, private conversation rooms and messages, read-only rooms, smilies and BBcode, anti-spam, customizable themes (using only HTML and CSS), account recovery via email, attachments, moderator tools, etc. The script is released under the GNU General Public License with the additional condition that you are not allowed to remove the display of the copyright notice unless you make a donation.


phShoutBox is a PHP chat script that supports bb codes, automatic URL and email address parsing, IP banning, customizable word filters, clickable smileys, etc. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

ShoutBox - a PHP Chat Box

ShoutBox is a PHP chat-box with integrated spam protection, smilies support, multiple language support, and multiple browser support. You can use it with or without a MySQL database. The software is free for non-commercial use only.

Micro Chat

Micro Chat is a PHP script that lets you add chat facilities to your website, so long as the traffic on your site is not massive. You can customize the appearance of the chat window by editing the CSS file. This script does not need a database.


[Update: it looks like this script is no longer available.] AtoChat is a free PHP live chat script that features nicknames, nickname colours, word filters, smilies, BBCodes, flood control, has kick / ban facilities, etc. You are not allowed to remove the link to their site from the help popup.

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