Free PHP Web Based File Managers

Use a browser to manage the files and folders on your website

Free PHP Web Based File Managers

Web-based file managers have many uses. They typically let you upload, download, copy, delete, move files and folders on your website just using a browser. Some reasons why you might still want it if you already have FTP access to your website include:

  1. If you run a site where you have multiple users and you want to give them access to certain folders under their care, but don't want to give them sitewide access via FTP, file managers may be one solution.

  2. File managers are also easier to understand and use for novices than FTP clients, since they can access their files simply via their web browser instead of a separate program. (And they don't have to install an FTP client to use it.)

  3. Even if you're the only webmaster/developer for your website, file managers can also come in useful. For example, if you need to extract a file from an archive (a zip file, a tar.gz file, etc) on your web server, and don't have access to a shell via telnet or SSH, installing a file manager onto your site, hopefully into a folder protected by a password in addition to any password protection provided by the script itself, can let you do things you may not otherwise be able to do on your site.

That said, installing a file manager onto your site opens another potential security hazard. If the file manager has a bug which can be exploited, or even if it doesn't and you do not secure it properly, hackers can use it to compromise your site. In general, if you have other means of accessing your site, such as FTP and/or SSH, those are generally preferred.

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Free PHP Web Based File Managers


This PHP/AJAX file manager supports access to your site via FTP, or if that is not available, directly on the local file system via PHP. It supports the usual assortment of features, including creating, renaming and removing directories (folders), uploading, downloading, editing, renaming, and searching files, changing of file and folder (directory) permissions, etc. You can also use it to view images, edit text files, and upload multiple files in one go. The script comes with support for multiple languages. It also has a login/password system. Note: this software is free for non-commercial use only.


This open source file manager lets you create, rename and delete folders, manage files (upload, download, create, rename, delete them), view image files, edit text files, sort files by name, size, permissions, etc. It has its own login/password system.


This open source web-based file explorer lets you upload files to and download files from your web server, browse directories/folders and files, copy, move, delete files, edit files, create and extract zip, tar, tar.gz archives, change file permissions (chmod), use the web interface to access your files via PHP or FTP (useful if files created via FTP have different permissions and ownership from those created using PHP), and so on. You can also drag and drop files and folders (supported using JavaScript). If you're installing this for others, the script also has a user management interface which you can use to give different users different levels of permissions.

Kloudspeaker (formerly Mollify)

This web file manager lets you publish and manage files on your website, and provide other users access to different files on your site. Features include user authentication (with each user given access to different directories), a pop-up context menu (on left button click), the usual file manager features like copying, renaming, moving and deleting of files and folders, uploading and downloading of files, creation of new directories (folders), sorting of files, customisable user interface (using CSS), file descriptions, etc. Languages supported include English, French, German (Deutsch), Portuguese, and the Finnish language (Suomi). The program is licensed under the Eclipse Public License.

File Thingie

This PHP file explorer lets you upload multiple files to your site in one go, do the usual file management stuff like create subdirectories (folders), rename, move, delete, copy files and folders, search for a particular file or folder by name, edit text files, and unzip files from zip archives. It allows customization using CSS, and has translations for a number of languages. Note: the software is free for personal use only.

OurWebFTP: Web-based FTP Script

[Update: this script is no longer available.] This is a web-based (online) FTP interface that lets you (or your users) use a web browser instead of an FTP client to access your site. It access the site via FTP and presents a web-based interface from which you can upload and download files, create new directories, change file and folder permissions (chmod), delete, move, copy files and folders, transload (tranfer files from a different website or server directly to your site), etc. Note that since it uses FTP for its operations, it cannot unzip a file directly on your webserver; instead it can unzip the file on your machine, and upload all the individual files contained in that archive to your site. The software is multilingual. Note: this script is only for non-profit and personal use.

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