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The free and/or open source web hosting control panels listed here allow you to manage your web server from an easy-to-use web interface. That is, once set up, you can use your web browser to access your web server to do things like manage your email accounts, set up and delete databases, configure the web server, install various other software on your server, support your users through a support ticket system, bill your users, back up the server, set up new domains, etc. They usually include support for one or more web servers, one or more database servers, an FTP server, a mail server, DNS management, web statistics, spam filtering, and so on.

For those who are wondering why you may want this, the control panel software may be useful if you are setting up a web server on a bare-bones dedicated server or even a virtual private server (VPS). Of course the use of such software does not obviate the need to know something about running a web server, but it automates some of the many tasks you will need to do and gives it a pretty user interface (UI).

Note: if you are a new webmaster looking for information about starting your own website, this is not the page for you. Please read How to Start / Create Your Own Website: The Beginner's A-Z Guide instead. In addition, commercial web hosts already come with a built-in control panel for you to manage your web hosting account, so there's no need for you to download one. All you need is to get your own domain name, find a web host, and get a web editor. As I said, read more about it in the getting started guide.

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Free Web Hosting Control Panel Software

i-MSCP New

The Internet Multi Server Control Panel, or i-MSCP, is an open source control panel for Linux-based servers running Apache or Nginx. It supports services such as ProFTPd, vsftpd, Bind9, Postfix, Courier, Dovecot, MySQL, MariaDB, Percona, AWStats and has addons for PHPMyAdmin, Net2ftp, Roundcube, Rainloop, etc. For those who find it dfficult to locate the download page (since the site is a forum with no obvious download link on the main page at the time I write this), go to the github releases page to get the panel.


The AlternC hosting control panel provides administrators and users with a web interface to manage their web hosting account. As an admin, you can set quotas for each user (eg, how much disk space a user can have, number of scheduled tasks, domain names, FTP accounts, email accounts, MySQL databases, SSL certificates, etc), set password policies, manage IP whitelist, DNS, database servers, etc. As an ordinary user, you can manage your email addresses (set up new addresses as POP, IMAP or aliases/redirections), FTP accounts, browse your files through a web interface (along with the ability to delete, rename, copy, move, set permissions, set password protection, etc), set scheduled tasks, manage your databases, install an SSL certificate for your website, change passwords, etc.

Webmin and Usermin

If you are the system administrator of a web server running on a Unix-type system like Linux, FreeBSD or OpenBSD, Webmin lets you manage that server from your web browser. You can do things like set up the Apache web server, edit the Unix configuration files (to add new user accounts to the system, etc), manage the DNS, set up SSL encryption, set up the daemons/services to run on your server, set up disk quotas, back up the system, and so on. Usermin is its counterpart for your end-users, that is, the users of the different web accounts on your server. It lets you change passwords, set up mail filters, edit the Apache .htaccess files, log in to MySQL and manage your database tables and records, log into the server through SSH, and so on.


This open source hosting control panel manages your web server with support for virtual hosts (domain and IP based), FTP (along with web FTP), Bind, MySQL databases, web statistics, email, autoresponders, spam filters, traffic limits, disk quotas, SSL, a firewall, backup, automatic network configuration for new IP addresses, etc. There are 4 types of logins, Administrator, Reseller, Client and Email-Users, thus allowing you to use this for a server that caters to clients/customers. (It can even send welcome emails to your customers.)

ehcp: Easy Hosting Control Panel

The Easy Hosting Control Panel, or ehcp, is an open source (under the GNU General Public License) server management control panel for Linux. You can manage your domains, FTP, email, MySQL, etc with this program.

GPLHost Domain Technologie Control

[Update: this software is no longer available.] GPLHost Domain Technologie Control is a web control panel aimed at commercial web hosting. It provides admin and accounting facilities that let you set permissions for users of the domains they own to do various tasks themselves, like creating subdomains, email, mailing lists, SSH, FTP, databases, etc. Since it is designed to be use by commercial web hosts, it also has billing and a support ticket system integrated. Other features include the ability to manage and monitor virtual private servers (VPS), antivirus and spam filtering of email, mailing lists, real-time bandwidth monitoring on a per-user basis, package installer (to install applications like blogging software, forums, etc), chrooted CGI-BIN (for security), an installer that will only modify the server configuration as needed, etc. The information managed by GPLHost is stored in a MySQL database. This software is open source under the GNU GPL.

SysCP: The Open Source System Control Panel

[Update: this software is no longer available.] This is an open source control panel for Linux and FreeBSD systems using the Apache and Lighttpd web servers. It supports DNS software like Bind9 and PowerDNS, FTP servers like ProFTP and PureFTP, web statistic/log analyzers software like Awstats and Webalizer, mail servers like Dovecot and Courier, has FastCGI support, SSL, DKIM and individual DNS/SPF records (for email), has a traffic, billing and ticket system, and so on.

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