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Free Software Calculators: Scientific, Graphing, Statistical and Programmable Calculators

If you are not satisfied with the preinstalled calculator that comes with your computer system, and want something with more power and functions, such as what you get in the physical world with graphic calculators, programmable calculators, scientific calculators, statistics calculators or whatnot, the free software listed here may be just what you're looking for. This page lists software calculators that provide functions beyond what is offered with the calculator application provided with Windows, Mac OS X or whatever operating system you're using. Depending on which program you pick, you may be able to enter (program) a formula into the calculator, convert between various number bases (like hexadecimal, octal, binary, etc), convert to/from Roman numerals, calculate various statistical values like the arithmetic mean, standard deviation, percentiles, draw graphs, calculate the time span between two dates, and so on.

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Free Software Calculators: Graphical, Statistical and Programmable Scientific Calculators

Microsoft Windows Calculator New

The calculator that ships with Windows is now open source under the MIT License. The calculator has 3 modes: a standard mode which immediately computes the operations as you enter them (somewhat like a non-scientific physical calculator); a scientific mode which supports more functions and follows the proper mathematical order of operation (like a physical scientific calculator); and a programmer mode which provides the typical kind of operations and conversions that a programmer finds useful (eg, converting between decimal, hexadecimal, octal and binary). Note: if you are not a programmer, this link will not be useful to you, since it merely points to the source code for the program. And if you are a Windows user, you already have this calculator, in a form that you can actually open and use, installed on your system.

ATCalc: Scientific and Graphic Calculator with a Programming Environment (Windows)

This free scientific and graphic calculator provides a huge array of built-in functions/formulae for mathematics and statistics, including arithmetic, logarithmic, statistical, trigonometic, logical functions. There are also facilities for computing dates and time (eg finding the duration between two dates), complex numbers, integral calculations (computing with integers only and not real numbers), do matrix operations, etc. You can make your own formulae, plot graphs, export images created by the program in a variety of graphics formats (BMP, PNG, GIF, JPG, EMF and SVG), load or capture images and measure elements within the image, and write programs to perform complex operations. The programming language resembles the Pascal language. The software is released under the GNU General Public License and the source code is available. This is a Windows program.

Easy Funktion (Windows, Linux)

This is a 2D graphic plotter and equation solver with facilities for handling complex numbers, electronics computations such as capacitor and inductor impedance, etc. The software runs on Windows and Linux, and is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) with source code.

iCalc (Any system with Java)

iCalc presents you with a scrolling window and a command line (console) where you can enter your computations. As such, it allows you to check what you entered even after you have obtained the results. You can also reuse the results from previous operations, use typed variables that contain numbers, strings, arrays, create your own functions, import your own Java methods, etc. The program works on any system that has a Java Virtual Machine installed. (In layman's language, that means it works on any machine that has Java installed.) It is open source and released under the GNU GPL.

GraphCalc: Windows 2D/3D Graphing Calculator Software (Windows, Linux)

GraphCalc is a Windows and Linux graphing calculator that plots 2D and 3D graphs according to the formula/equation/expression you enter. You can change the range and resolution of the plotted graph, modify the colours, change the rendering mode and shading models, turning on/off the labels, grid, coordinates, etc. Windows and Linux versions of the software are available, along with the source code which is licensed under the GNU GPL.

RedCrab - The Calculator (Windows)

This scientific calculator lets you enter mathematical expressions using a full screen formula editor. It can handle algebraic expressions, hexadecimal and decimal numbers, degrees, radians, exponents, lots of mathematical functions (eg, sine, cosine, tangent, etc), fractions, square roots, a variety of programmer functions (stuff like mod, and, or, xor, shift left/right, not, etc), integrals, and so on. The program is portable in the sense that you don't have to install it to use it. (For example, you can put it on a USB flash drive and use it from there if you wish.)

Precise Calculator (Windows)

This is a programmable Windows calculator with a precision of up to 1000 digits. It has support for matrices, mathematical functions, statistical functions, prime numbers, pi, complex numbers, integers, etc. The source code is available.

Qmcalc Calculator (Windows, Linux)

[Update: this software is no longer available.] According to their website, Qmcalc is a "multi-function, multi-memory, programmable scientific calculator". It sports most of the features of the Texas Instruments TI-82 Graphic Scientific Calculator plus some additional features. It has functions for logarithms, base conversions, statistics, trigonometry, fraction arithmetic, combinatronics, bitwise logic, calculus and BASIC programming. The program works on Windows and Linux. It is released under the GNU GPL and as such, source code is available.

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