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This page lists free web hosting services that allow you to host your site on their server without placing any advertisements at all on your website. That is, the hosts on this page do not place banners, buttons, text links or require such ads on your website.

You should probably be warned that the downside to such ad-free hosting is that such web hosts disappear with great frequency. While all free web hosts are prone to disappear without warning after a while, every good free web host without adverts that I know of in the past has definitely disappeared from the scene after a while. Many of them have claimed that they would be around for the long haul, but none of them have.

If you need reliability without ads, I strongly recommend that you get your own domain name and use a commercial web host. However, if this is not possible, at least buy a domain name. That will allow you to move your website to another web host without the loss of visitors should the current free web host goes down.

As a result of this constant stream of free web hosts without advertisements closing down, it is more than likely that some of the hosts listed here have already closed down by the time you check this page. If so, please let me know and I'll update the listing. It is also likely that as a result of the frequent closures, the listing below is empty. If so, I'm sorry about that — I can only list the hosts I know about. (Note also there is a lag from the time I learn of a new free web host to the time I actually check them out for listing. Unfortunately, the hosts are usually gone by then. This lag is deliberate. It's to save me time evaluating a new host and writing something for this page, only to find that they disappear shortly after.)

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This free web host provides you with 500MB to 1GB disk space (depending on your country) and unlimited monthly transfer, the ability to host your own domains (for up to 3) or use their subdomains, a CPanel website control panel, PHP, 2 MySQL databases, .htaccess, FTP access (up to 3 FTP accounts), 3 POP3 email accounts, and no advertisements. You are required to log into your web hosting account panel (provided by the web host) at least once every month.


FreeHostia provides ad-free web hosting for up to 5 domains with 250 MB of data storage, 6 GB of bandwidth, PHP, Perl, Python, 1 MySQL database with 10 MB database space, 3 POP3 email addresses, 3 email aliases, email filters (including SpamAssassin spam filters), FTP, etc. Note that .htaccess does not work on this web host, so some content management systems (CMS) and blog software may not work correctly.

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