Free Web Hosts with Perl / CGI Access

Free web hosting with CGI-BIN access - install your own Perl CGI scripts

Free Web Hosts with Perl / CGI (CGI-BIN) Access

This page lists the free web hosts that also allow you to install your own CGI scripts and have the Perl interpreter installed so that you can run Perl CGI scripts. It does not list the hosts that only provide pre-installed CGI scripts, although the web hosts listed here may also provide pre-installed CGI scripts that you can use in addition to providing you access to a private CGI-BIN directory.

Advertisements or No Advertisements: Note that like all our lists of free web hosts, you should assume that they are all ad-supported unless otherwise stated. This is a fairly normal practice, and it is my experience that many web hosts that do not have some means of supporting their hosting operations quickly go out of business (running web hosting operations is expensive). See my article All Those Disappearing Free Web Hosts for more details on how to pick a free web host that is less likely to disappear on you overnight. Note that having advertisements does not necessarily mean that the free web host won't disappear overnight. If you need reliable hosting, or if you are earning any money from your website at all, you should go for a commercial (paid) web host instead. You might also want to read my opinion of which web host to choose.

Note that as a result of this regular stream of free web hosts closing down, it is quite likely that some of the hosts listed here have already closed down by the time you check this page. If so, please let me know and I'll remove them. It is also possible that as a result of the frequent closures, the listing below is empty. If so, I'm sorry — I can only list the hosts I know about.

What are CGI Scripts? For the absolute newcomer, CGI scripts are programs that run on the web server. They are typically used to run feedback forms, redirection, banner rotation, forums (message boards), counters, search engines, shopping carts, etc. That is, anything that is not simply a straightforward page to be read or viewed is likely to be handled by some sort of script. For these scripts to run, your web host must enable CGI execution on your account - that is they must configure the web server so that CGI scripts installed on your account will actually execute.

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Free Web Hosts with Perl / CGI / CGI-BIN Access


This site provides you with 100 MB of data storage, 3 GB of data transfer, 3 POP3 email addresses, 3 email addresses, 1 MySQL database with 5 MB storage, CGI-BIN Perl, PHP, FrontPage extensions, web statistics, FTP access, etc. Note that you will not be able to send mail using your PHP or Perl scripts. Your files are limited to 500 KB in size.

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