Free JavaScript Minifiers (Minimizers), Obfuscators and Compressors

Obfuscate / Minify / Shrink JavaScript Source Code

Free JavaScript Minifiers (Minimizers), Obfuscators and Compressors

The free software on this page will either shrink your JavaScript code (often referred to as "minify"), or obfuscate it, or both. They typically minimize the code size by removing duplicate whitespace (although leaving intact whitespaces that are significant, such as those occuring in strings) and comments. Obfuscation usually occurs by renaming your variables, functions and so on, possibly with a random short name.

Webmasters use these tools for a variety of purposes, from improving the responsiveness of their site (by providing a smaller JavaScript file) to making their source code harder to comprehend (by obscuring the variable names and the like).

Note though obfuscation and minification (compression) of the source code does not actually prevent a determined person from figuring out the code. It just makes it a more time-consuming task.

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Free JavaScript Minifiers (Minimizers), Obfuscators and Compressors

JSMin: The JavaScript Minifier

JSMin is a command line program that shrinks JavaScript source code by removing comments and stripping unnecessary whitespace. It works on ASCII and UTF-8 files. The program is distributed in the form C source code (which you can compile easily with a C compiler on probably most systems since the code appears to be standard C without any system dependencies) as well as an MSDOS executable.


UglifyJS is a command line minifier, compressor, obfuscator and beautifier for JavaScript source files. You can get it to mangle names, preserve copyright comments, change the quote styles (single or double quotes), embed everything into one big function, etc. It can also create a source map, that maps the compressed output with the original source file, which may be helpful in debugging. It requires node.js.

JavaScript Utility

JavaScript Utlity can obfuscate, compact, compress, analyze regular expressions, validate, and even format (beautify) your JavaScript code. This suite of tools can be downloaded and run on your machine (in a web browser) or ran in batch mode on a Windows machine (using the Windows Script Host). Alternatively, you can just use the online version on their site.

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