Free Guestbooks (Free Guestbook Hosting Services)

Put a guestbook on your website without installing any PHP / Perl CGI scripts

Free Guestbooks / Free Guestbook Hosting Services

Guestbooks are a facility that allows your visitors to leave a short message and a web address ("URL"). They used to be popular in the early days of the Internet, since you could use it to interact with your visitors. The services listed below will host your guestbooks on their web server, allowing to add a guestbook without installing your own guestbook script directly on your site. All you need to do is to cut and paste some HTML code onto your web page.

Guestbooks are usually not meant for a high degree of interaction. There is little discussion. In fact, most of the time visitors use your guestbooks to promote their own site. If you want more interaction between your visitors and yourself, you might want to consider installing a forum instead. You can find these on the Free Forums and Message Boards Hosting Services page.

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Free Guestbooks / Free Guestbook Hosting Services

Update (2015)

Guestbooks have fallen completely out of favour ("favor" in US English) today. (In fact, I can practically hear people saying, "They're so 1990s!" in their heads when they read the term.) As a result, all of the free remote hosting guestbook services originally listed on this page have disappeared.

If you need guestbook-like services, one possibility is to move your site to use a blogging script instead.

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