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Add a count of visitors to your web page (hit counter hosting)

Free Remotely Hosted Hit Counters

The remotely hosted hit counters services listed on this page allow you to place a graphic image on your web page showing a count of the number of visitors that your page (or site) has had to date. They are usually used on amateur web sites (usually personal websites), where the webmaster wants to show off to his/her friends and family how many visitors the site has received.

If you want a more professional way of analysing the statistics for your website, rather than installing such counters, consider either using a remotely hosted web statistics service or running your own log analyzers and generating your own web stats. In fact, if you are hosted on a commercial web host, such things are usually already provided by default. Such web statistics software provide more useful information than a simple web counter.

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Free Hit Counters Remote Hosting

OneStat Free Hit Counter

This hit counter not only displays the number of pageviews you have per page, it also gives you stats about which of your pages is most popular, your site's referrers (how they find your website), the browsers they use, etc. The statistics is password protected, and you can track an unlimited number of pages.

GoStats Free Hit Counter

You can get a free hit counter with some statistics (browsers used by your visitors, countries they come from, screen resolution, operating systems, etc).

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