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Free Web Statistics and Web Analytics Hosting Services

This page lists free web statistics services: services that provide your website with web statistics (web stats) or web logs that allow you to find out more about your visitor's profile (eg, what country they come from, the browser they use, the operating system used, screen resolution, JavaScript and Java capabilities), who referred them to your website (eg, which URL or domain sent them), what search engine keywords were used to locate your website on which search engine, the visitor pathway through your website (including which were the entry pages and exit pages), how much traffic you get per day, per month, per year, per hour, and so on.

Note that if you are hosted with a commercial web host, you typically already have some sort of web statistics package preinstalled on your account. If you're not satisfied with the stats it provides, you can also run your own log analyzers on your raw web logs (usually provided with a commercial account) to produce your own web statistics. You can find some free log analyzers on the Free Log Analyzers and Web Statistics Software page.

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Free Web Statistics / Analytics (Webstats Hosting Services)


StatCounter gives your site an invisible counter with no advertisements. You can obtain statistics of the number of page loads, unique, first-time, and returning visitors, a list of popular pages on your site, get the list of referring keywords and links, browsers used, screen resolutions, visitor paths through your site (list of pages that each visitor loads), etc. Detailed statistics are only available for the last 500 log entries.


FreeStats provide your site with statistics on page views, unique visitors, popular pages and top referrers. You also have access to the raw logs. You need to put an advertising banner on your site.

AFS Analytics

In exchange for a button which is displayed on all pages on your site that you want tracked, AFS Analytics provides reports on your visitors (the IP address and operating system of your last 40 visitors, the number of visits, page views, etc), referrers (last 40 referral URLs), most requested page, top search engines that referred visitors to you, the most popular entry and exit pages of your site, top keywords, returning visitors, etc. Note that beginning from January 2019, all free accounts will be limited to 15,000 page views per month.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides you a variety of statistics about your website, such as the performance of your keywords on the search engines, analysis of your visitors by country, page views, etc, the ability to view trends (for example, are the number of visitors referred to by a particular site rising or falling, etc), provides funnel visualisation (which tells you the bottlenecks in your, say, conversion and checkout processes), and so on. There are over 80 predefined reports available. This is a freemium service (that is, it is free for a limited subset of features, and you have to pay for additional facilities, etc).

Extreme Tracking

Extreme Tracking provides your website with free web statistics reports for the last 20 visitors. You have to place a button linking to Extreme Tracking (the code for which is provided) on your pages. Each time that button is loaded, their webstats software will log the information supplied by the visitors to that web page. Among the reports they supply are Referral data (including which keywords were used on which search engines), the number of unique visitors you have to your site (per day, per week, per month, per hour), the browsers, operating system, screen resolutions and screen colours used by your visitors, your visitors' geographical location, etc. Your statistics are publicly available (ie, anyone can click the button you placed on your site to access them).

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