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Free Mailing List Hosting and Email Newsletter Hosting

If you want to publish your own email newsletter, but don't want to mess around with mailing list software, configure your mail servers or write CGI scripts, the easiest way is to let a third party mailing list host manage the nitty-gritty of newsletter management for you. The mailing list host typically handles mundane things like newsletter subscription requests as well as requests to unsubscribe. You can also post your messages / newsletters / ezines through that mailing list host.

There are a few types of mailing lists. Announcement lists are mailing lists where only the owner of the list can post to all the subscribers. They are usually used for newsletters or announcements. Discussion lists allow interaction between all the subscribers. You might want to start a discussion list, if, for example, you are part of a team of software developers and need to discuss development issues with the other members of the team. Some discussion lists are moderated, which means that posts to the list are vetted by someone (such as you or some moderator that you appoint) before they are disseminated to the other members.

You can learn more about running your own email newsletters (there's more than meets the eye), from some of the following related articles:

If you have your own website you can also install your own mailing list software. Free ones can be found on the Free PHP Mailing List Scripts and Free Perl Mailing List CGI Scripts pages.

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Free Mailing List and Email Newsletter Hosting

Yahoo Groups (Free Hosted Mailing List)

This free mailing list hosting service allows users to read the posts through individual email messages, on the web or in email digests. Your mailing list can be moderated or unmoderated, and is also searchable. It has numerous features including the ability for you to poll your group members as well as providing disk space for you to store files for your subscribers to download. This is useful for things like FAQs, etc. They allow you to import your existing mailing list (up to 100 names) into your new list without requiring your members to confirm their subscription again. You can check up our detailed review of this service in my article Review of Yahoo! Groups (Free Mailing Lists Remote Hosting).

Your MailingList Provider Free Mailing List Hosting

This mailing list provider allows you a maximum of 1,000 subscribers. It is designed for announcement lists and newsletters only (ie, not discussion groups). You can send plain or HTML newsletters, embed images, personalize messages, include attachments, etc.

Topica Free Mailing List Hosting

(Update: this service is no longer available, as at 29 July 2014.) This free mailing list service allows you to create discussion lists, provides an archive of your past messages, allows you to import up to 500 email addresses, and so on. You can find a more detailed review of their services including the results of our tests on a list hosted there in Free Mailing List Hosting Service Review: Topica.

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