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Free File Hosting and Storage

The free file sharing services listed on this page provide you with free file storage or hosting. They are a convenient way for you to share files with your friends or colleagues, especially if your files are too big to send as an attachment by email. (The usual problem is that even if the email provider gives you enough space, you don't know if your friend/colleague has enough space left in his/her account to receive your attachment.)

Free file storage hosts often impose limits. For example, some sites have a limit on the individual file sizes, others on the number of times they can be downloaded, etc. In addition, it's best not to place files with confidential data on such file storage hosts, for obvious reasons. Remember to read the terms and conditions of each host before signing up. Even when I list the features, restrictions or limitations of the host on this page, you should always read the file storage host's own documentation since I don't list everything and my list may be outdated by the time you read it.

Note: if you need to put up a lot of files online, you may be better off using a commercial online storage service that provides file sharing like Carbonite. Or get your own web hosting account.

Update: I realise that the list below is rather short. I've had to prune the list down recently to remove the many services that had since closed since this page was created.

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Free File Storage Hosts

You can send files of up to 1 GB to another person by uploading it to their server. The file can be of any type: documents, photos, audio files (such as MP3s), etc. An email message will be sent to the person you indicate with the URL of the file to be downloaded. The file will be deleted after 7 days of non-activity.


This free file storage host is designed primarily for people who want to send large files to their friends via email. Instead of sending the file by attachment and clogging up their mail box, you can use this host's interface to upload your file and send a message to your friend with the link to the file. Based on information from other users, there is apparently a limit of 1 GB to the file size, and your files are deleted after 5 days or 20 downloads.

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